Tensei Song of the Sea Junmai Ginjo

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Grade: Junmai Ginjo

Size: 720ML

ABV: 16%

Rice Type: Yamada Nishiki

Rice Polishing Ratio: 50%

Brewery Location: Kanagawa

Suggested Pairings: Grilled Lamb Chops, Root Vegetables, Moroccan Couscous

Song of the Sea Junmai Ginjo is an ode to the brewery’s seaside location in Kanagawa. Cool fact: The Great Wave of Kanagawa, the most recognized work of Japanese woodblock art in the world, was created in this prefecture.

This saké has a medley of apple, banana, and melon aromas, which carry through on the palate. Saltwater taffy salinity notes add a touch of sweetness and minerality. Intense throughout with a crisp, clean finish.

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