LaBo Clubs

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Club sign-ups are available by stopping in or calling any La Bodega location.

BEER CLUB: $30/Month

Tired of the same beer year after year? Sign up for La Bodega’s Beer Club and receive a selection of exciting new beers every month. Many of these beers have never been seen in Alaska. If you’re interested in expanding your palate and knowledge of fine suds, this is the club for you. Number of bottles will vary, as the beer will come in different sizes.

WINE CLUB: $40/Month

Keep your shelf stocked with unique, high-quality wines by signing up for La Bodega’s Wine Club. Each month, members receive two different bottles of fantastic wine hand-selected by Nikole. Everyone deserves fine wine all the time.

SAKE CLUB: $40/Month

We are so excited to bring this club back! Each month, you can expect a bottle of delicious sake that you've probably never had before - and just might be your new favorite!