Strongwater Cocktail Bitters Sampler Set

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Diverse botanical flavor profiles to heal the soul and make your cocktail shine.

Golden - Turmeric, cardamom, allspice, sassafras, and other mountain botanicals into a complex and fragrant elixir whose bitterness is complemented by warm earth, robust black pepper, and rich baking spice.

Cocktails to use in: Hot Toddy, Staunch, Golden Fashioned, Old Fashioned, Liberty Nail, White Negroni

Floral - Lavender, chamomile, vervain, calendula other native Colorado flowers

Cocktails to use in: Sparkling Ruby, Native Sour, French 75, Bees Knees, Aviation

Virtue - Rose, sage, holy basil, blessed thistle, lemon grass

Cocktails to use in: Last Word, Clover Club, Bees Knees

Cherry - 7 year aged bourbon, tart and bing cherries, schisandra berries, cherry bark, cassia cinnamon, gentian

Cocktails to use in: Manhattan, Old Fashioned

Orange - Orange peel, black walnut, gentian, clove, cardamom

Cocktails to use in: Old Fashioned, Negroni, Black Manhattan

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