Left Coast Cellars White Pinot Noir

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Varietal: Pinot Noir

Size: 750ml

Origin: Willamette Valley, Oregon

Tasting notes: Spiced Pear, Honeydew Melon, White Pepper

Suggested pairings: Shellfish, Mushrooms, Poultry, Friends

"We take a holistic approach to everything at Left Coast, sustainability being at the core of all we do." Left Coast Cellars has a remarkable biodynamic background, including: Solar Power, Bee Hives, Symbiotic Gardens, Restoration Projects, Community Charities, Recycling Programs .. and more! You can continue learning by checking out their website HERE!

They truly are one of the most forward-thinking wineries in the state of Oregon.

What is White Pinot Noir? Well, Pinot Noir skins impart tons of color, as well as tannin and other structural elements. With minimal skin contact (hello, White Pinot Noir) the color is actually more like a Chardonnay (White Burgundy). Think light amber or honey yellow.

Making a wine from a red grape in this fashion sounds a lot like making a Rosé, yeah? Correct. But White Pinot Noir Winemakers would argue that they’re going extra lengths to establish something with more mouthfeel, length, and character than your typical Rosé. Again, think of a Chardonnay, full of flavor but now also worthy of some cellaring.

The Left Coast Cellars White Pinot Noir has perfumed, fresh aromas with mirrored flavors of tropical fruit, white peach, poached pear and honey on the palate. Rich and bright, with balanced acidity, and a lingering mineral finish. Easily one of our most popular white wine.

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