Joto Junmai Ginjo

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Grade: Junmai Ginjo

Size: 720ml

ABV: 15.5%

Rice Type: Chiyonishiki

Rice Polishing Ratio: 55%

Brewery Location: Ishioka

Suggested Pairings: Serve chilled with light foods and acidic flavors like salads, sushi, vinegar, and fish sauces.

The pink and red dots of this Junmai Ginjo represent the two kinds of yeast used to make this sake.

Fruity, light, and floral, this Junmai Ginjo is brewed by Taka Yamauchi, maker of Watari Bune. Founded in 1854, the Huchu Homare Brewery is located in the town of Ishioka and is considered a national cultural landmark.

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