Breckenridge Christmas(Xmas) Ale 6-pack

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Vintage: NV

Size: 12 OZ x 6

ABV: 7.1%

IBU: 22

Origin: Breckenridge, Colorado

Tasting Notes: Scents of toasted malts, caramel, buttery biscuit, clove, earthiness. The flavor follows the nose with more bitterness and citrus flavors. Like a Christmas trippel without the banana

Suggested Pairings: Christmas Ale Pork Chops or Funky Cheeses

"For us, it all started in the mountains with a passion for craft beer and the simple desire to share our brews with our neighbors. For you, maybe it's Sunday on the porch with the fam, or a rooftop happy hour after a long week, or a cool, crisp reward after an epic ride. Or maybe it's a little bit of all of that."

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