Kiona Lemberger

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Varietal: Lemberger (aka Blaufränkisch in Austria)

Size: 750ml

Origin: Red Mountain, Washington, USA

Tasting notes: Mulberries, blueberries, violets, cinnamon and vanilla

Suggested pairings: ---

Lemberger (aka Blaufränkisch in Austria) came to Washington via Canadian vineyards in the 1940s and played an important part in the state’s early wine history. While “serious” Lemberger is possible (they do it all the time in Austria!), in Washington it made it’s mark with ruby-colored, juicy/fruity, wine to use in blends for casual sipping. Today it’s been overtaken by French varietals, but grown with care and made simply, it still gives a deliciously fruit-filled red to enjoy by the fire in winter and with a light chill in summer.

Kiona was the first winery to bottle a varietal labeled Lemberger in 1980 and still makes some of the best.

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