Drappier Brut Carte D'Or Champagne

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Varietal: Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Pinot Meunier

Size: 750ml

Origin: Champagne, République française (France)

Tasting Notes: Toasty, bruised apples, butter, dried yellow stone fruits, peach, and flint. It's a smooth tasting experience with smooth bubbles and a dry finish

Suggested pairings: Fried Okra or Corn Fritters

Champagne Drappier is THE high-quality négociant in the Aube! Drappier was founded in 1808 in Urville and this house brought Pinot Noir to the Aube in the 1930s, a move that was mocked at the time—now it is by far the most planted grape in the region. A little more than half of the production comes from their 130+ acres of estate vineyard. The other part comes from long-term contracts. The wines go through malolactic, with very little sulfur—they claim to have the lowest sulfur counts of any major négociant. Like Billecart-Salmon, they pride themselves on low-temperature fermentation.

The lesson here? Brilliant and innovative ideas are often met with a wealth of objections.

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