Devil's Club A-Papa

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Size: 500 ML

ABV: 5%


Origin: Juneau, Alaska

Tasting Notes: Tart, refreshing and dry as bone with light fruit, white grape, and a gentle oakiness

Suggested Pairings: Spicy Chili or Ribeye or Vietnamese

A-Papa is fermented with 100% entirely in Chardonnay barrel and aged 18 months.

Malt: Pilsen, white wheat, wheat

Hops: Hersbrucker

Yeasty Boys: Brettanomyces

Devil's Club is the embodiment of adventure. You won't find the plant along the streets of town. Devil's Club is unapologetic, blunt - it takes no prisoners and adds a little kick to your outdoor exploits. This company represents the adventurous among us, the off-the-beaten-path lifestyles, and the unique people that inhabit our little part of the world.

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