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belching beaver beer

Belching Beaver

Belching Beaver Brewery has been part of the amazing craft beer boom in San Diego, and they are most famous for their delicious Peanut Butter Milk Stout. We also now have their Mango IPA, Nitro Milk Stout, Me So Honey Blonde, Hop Highway IPA, Phantom Bride IPA, and Mexican Chocolate Peanut Butter Stout.

rogue beer

Rogue Ales

Hot Tub Scholarship Lager is back for the summer, and we have two new releases on our shelves: the Marionberry Sour in 6-packs, and their wacky new Combat Wombat, a sour Northeast-style IPA brewed with blood orange and grapefruit.

barbarian beer

Barbarian Brewing

You can find Barbarian Brewing in Garden City and Boise, Idaho – and now on our shelves here in Anchorage! This brewery started by a husband and wife duo focuses on sours and barrel-aged beers. Right now we have their Red Sonja, Saison Avec Brett Un, and Cry of the Blackbirds.

agrarianAgrarian Ales

Agrarian Ales in Eugene, Oregon have a functioning farm where they grow all their own hops. In addition to this they also grow a lot of the other things that go in their beer, including berries, peppers, herbs and produce. We now have their Field Bier Farmhand Saison, Persephone Kettle Sour, Eros Kettle Sour, and Dryad Kettle Sour.

Founders Dankwood IPA

This is what you get when you put an Imperial Red IPA into Bourbon barrels. This big ol’ beer is dank, sticky and hoppy. How do you make a rich, hoppy IPA which is somehow also roasty and chocolaty? You’ll have to ask Founders. In the meantime, sip away on this uniquely delicious beer.


Tarantas Wines

It truly is a wonderful thing when winemakers can produce wine which is delicious, organic and affordable. Such is the case with Tarantas Wines from Spain; we now carry bottles of their Cava, Monastrell and Tempranillo.

Biokult Grüner Veltliner

We’re currently (well, kinda always) having a lovefest with Austrian wine, especially when it’s organic. This certified biodynamic white has notes of pear and lemon with just a hint of flinty smoke.

Glatzer Blaufränkisch

Blaufränkisch is an intimidating name for Lemberger, which is mostly grown in Austria and Germany but also some New World Places like Washington State. This beautiful bottle holds a red which merges oak and a touch of smoke with dark fruit flavors.

Heidi Schrock  Rosé Biscaya

Mildly tangy and with a touch of savoriness, this Austrian rosé blend uses a variety of different grape varieties sourced from four vineyards in the Burgenland Appellation.

Cameron Clos Electrique Blanc

It doesn’t get talked about enough, but Oregon is making some of the best New World Chardonnays right now. This Cameron Chard is vibrant, rich and downright delicious.


WildCraft Cider Works

Two new ciders from WildCraft in Oregon! Their Sage Cider is herbal, dry and aromatic, while their Kiwi Sour is tart, slightly sweet and oh so tasty.

Incline Ciders

These new ciders from a family operated company in Auburn, Washington are made sustainably and without concentrates. We are now carrying The Explorer Hopped Cider, The Legend Lemongrass Cider, and The Scout Hopped Marionberry Cider.

grimfrost mead

Grimfrost Mead & Dansk Mjod

Say hello to Grimfrost Mead, who are careful to use ingredients exclusively from Sweden to give you a taste of ancient viking Scandinavia. We have bottles of their Lingonberry Suttunger Brew, Sweet Honey Jarl’s Brew, and Bilberry Bear’s Feast Brew. In addition to these, Ribe Mjod from Dansk Mjod has returned! They add unfiltered, unpasteurized apple juice to their classic honey base.

maxwell mead

Maxwell Mead

From Mclaren Vale in Australia comes this wonderful line of mead. Liqueur Mead begins with their spiced mead and is blended with special herbs and spices before being fortified and aged for 12-15 months in bourbon barrels. The sparkling mead is easy drinking with a touch of sweetness and acidity. The honey mead uses pure South Australian that has a golden color with floral and marmalade sweetness.


Bartolo Nardini

Bartolo Nardini has been around since the late 18th century, and there’s no wrong way to drink their fantastic liqueurs (well, maybe that’s not true). The point is you can enjoy this amaro and these delicious grappas by themselves, in cocktails or even with some espresso.

Martini & Rossi Vermouth

This internationally recognized brand has been making vermouth in Italy since 1847, and we are now happy to carry their high-end Reserva Speciale Vermouth Rubino and Reserva Speciale Vermouth Ambrato.

rogue whiskey

Rogue Distillery

Rogue’s whiskeys have gotten a makeover! We have handsome new bottles of their Oregon Single Malt Whiskey and Dead Guy Whiskey, distilled in small batches from the same malts as Dead Guy Ale.

Dulce Vida 80 Proof Tequilas

Dulce Vida believes in the importance of sustainable farming, nutrient-rich composting, recycling, and the general health of our communities. They also believe in delicious tequila, and we’re very pleased to carry their lineup of Blanco, Reposado and Añejo 80 proof tequilas.

jack daniels

Jack Daniels Single Barrel Barrel-Proof Whiskey

Here’s a new high-end release from Jack Daniels, and this one is bottled right from the barrel with no dilution, making it just north of 127 proof. This brings some real heat in the mid-palate, along with delicious flavors of caramel, burnt oak, and cinnamon spice.


joto junmai ginjo

Joto Junmai Ginjo

This bright and floral Junmai Ginjo is brewed by Taka Yamauchi, the man behind the ever-popular Watari Bune. This brewery is considered a national cultural landmark, and this stylish bottle has succulent, rich flavors of ripe peach and melon.

Fukucho Moon on the Water Junmai Ginjo

This stunning Junmai Ginjo is made by one of the few female brewmasters in Japan. This incredibly round and luscious saké combines flavors of ripe cantaloupe and anise with floral hints of fennel, white pepper and lime. This could pair with anything from shellfish to bitter chocolate. Simply divine.

Yamada Shoten “Everlasting Roots” Junmai

The high polishing rate of this traditional and handcrafted saké give it a defined fruit and floral expression while simultaneously offering rich umami flavors from the hida-homare rice. This richness and complexity make it ideal for drinking either warm or chilled. The gorgeous label is just a bonus.

Bushido The Way of the Warrior Ginjo Genshu

This stylish one cup saké has huge flavors of tart raspberry, pear and watermelon, with subtle floral notes and a spice on the finish. Drinking this undiluted genshu is an important step in discovering your destiny as a saké warrior.