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Pumpkin Beers Are Here!

It’s that time of year, and we have a great selection of new and returning pumpkin beers for this crisp fall weather. Elysian Night Owl, Elysian Punkuccino, Elysian Dark ‘O The Moon, Avery Rumpkin, Southern Tier Pumking, Southern Tier Cold Pressed Coffee Pumking, Southern Tier Rum Barrel-Aged Pumking, New Belgium Atomic Pumpkin, Ballast Point Pumpkin Down and Leinenkugel’s Harvest Patch Shandy are all here to help you celebrate the season.

New Founders Brewing Beers

New beers from Founders in Grand Rapids, Michigan! The malt bill and hop profile of the ReDANKulous Red IPA results in a burnt amber style IPA, a 9.5% brew that knows how to balance caramel malts and pleasing hop bitterness. Their DKML Bourbon Barrel Imperial Malt Liquor is even more audacious, as dry-hopping and bourbon barrel aging elevates this 14.2% malt liquor to the big boy shelf.

Wiens Brewing Company

Another brewing company out of Temecula, California! Success with the family winery lead them to open their brewery in 2012. We have new cans of Wiens Brewing Company’s IPA, Deadpan Pilsner, Apricot Wheat, and Plateau Blonde Ale.

Stone Brewing Releases

The new Enjoy By 09.04.17 is here! 22 oz of fresh, unfiltered goodness. We don’t really need to say more than that. We also have Stone’s 21st birthday present to themselves (and us) – Stone Anniversary Hail to the Hop Thief Double IPA. Big, aromatic, dank and just slightly sweet, this double IPA is dry-hopped to the max for extra flavor and aroma.

Oktoberfest beers

Sierra Nevada & Shiner Oktoberfest Beers

Is it that time of year already? It must be late summer because the Oktoberfest beers are already rolling in, starting with can releases from Sierra Nevada and Shiner. Sierra Nevada’s release is a collaboration with Germany’s Brauhaus Miltenberger made with traditional German-grown whole-cone hops, and Shiner’s Oktoberfest is a classic Marzen style made with Munich and caramel malts and German hops. Prost!



Von Winning pinot noi

Von Winning Pinot Noir II

This little brother to Pinot Noir I is a lighter, crisper and more playful style of Pinot. It is made using no spontaneous fermentation, no herbicides, no synthetic fertilizers, no copper, no filtering and no fining. Just a nuanced, elegant and pleasantly acidic take on the style, with some extra character from French oak barrels.

Brundlmayer Zweigelt Rose

Northwest of Vienna in Austria is the Kamptal region where this lively rose comes from. Light salmon pink in color, it combines delicate flavors of raspberry, forest strawberries and sour cherry with a slightly buttery aroma and a medium bodied, elegant mouthfeel. Just in time for summertime in July.

Luc Choblet Muscadet

This walled single vineyard in the Loire Valley in France has been practicing sustainable agriculture for over 30 years, using only biodegradable products. This Muscadet evokes that place of origin with its mouthwatering brightness, fruit purity and racy minerality. It’s very difficult to find a wine this distinctive and delicious in this price range.

Selbach Oster Pinot Blanc

From the Mosel River Valley in Southwestern Germany comes this lovely Pinot Blanc (known in Germany as a Weissburgunder), a mutation of Pinot Gris. The northerly location and steep slopes of the Mosel River region give many of its wines a crisp acidity and complex minerality, and the Selbach Oster is no different. Citrus, apple and honey notes stand out in this awesome Pinot Blanc.




Quebrada del Chucao Espumante Brut Chilean Cider

Our first Chilean Cider! This golden-colored beauty is Bone Dry with a slight earthy funkiness that reminds us of Basque sidra. It also has tiny bubbles and a nice, natural acidity. The freshness and acidity makes it a great pairing with savory foods like pork or cheese or burgers, but honestly it works great for any occasion.

French Cidre

As it turns out, wine isn’t the only beverage the French have perfected. These French cidre are incredibly tasty, refined and well balanced. The Christian Drouin Poire is an elegant, crisp, and lightly sweet pear cider with fine bubbles, and their Comte de Lauriston Cidre drinks like an apple champagne with crisp acidity and a dry finish. The Bouche Brut cidres from E. Dupont are similarly refined and bubbly.


Teeling Irish whiskey

Teeling Irish Whiskeys

The Teeling Whiskey Distillery is the first new distillery in Dublin in over 125 years, and they are reviving the art and industry of craft whiskey in the heart of Dublin, Ireland. Their Small Batch Whiskey matures hand selected casks in ex-rum barrels, and their bottle of Single Grain Whiskey is one of only a handful of Single Grain whiskeys in the world, matured in California red wine barrels. The Single Malt Whiskey was made with the goal of being the most flavorsome non-age statement Irish Single Malt. Did they succeed? We’ll let you be the judge.

Russell Henry gin

Russell Henry Gins

Craft Distillers makes an assortment of exceptional craft spirits and we are thrilled to now carry two of their Russell Henry gins. Their Hawaiian White Ginger Gin is made with real ginger from an organic grower on Kauai, and their Malaysian Lime Gin is infused with the leaves and fruit of limau purut limes from Malaysia. These gins are flat-out delicious with the accolades to prove it.

New Shochu!

Many people are still new to the wonderful world of Shochu, and we are here to spread the love. Shochu is a Japanese beverage that lies somewhere between whiskey and saké. It is usually about 25% alcohol, and it has the body and mouthfeel of whiskey, with a variety of flavors based off what type of starch it’s distilled from. These new shochus are made, separately, from barley, sweet potato, buckwheat, and yuzu. Great on their own or in cocktails.



Kikusui Junmai Ginjo

Not just a pretty bottle. Kikusui is a dry, crisp, and clean Niigata style saké. Niigata is a prefecture in Northern Japan known for producing some of the best saké in the country.


Ozeki’s wildly popular sparkling jelly saké returns in a new flavor; yuzu! Chewy, bright, crisp and tangy, but with a citrusy tart twist.

Shirakabe Gura Tokubetsu Junmai “White Wall”

In saké terminology, “Tokubetsu” means special. Either the rice is polished to a higher than required degree, or maybe special yeasts or rice varieties were used. This saké drinks very dry, crisp and clean. Wonderful chilled, but it really opens up when gently warmed.