New Products

Check this page often – new products are arriving weekly at Bodega.


Coldfire Brewery

Coldfire hails from Eugene, Oregon and they are brand new to us! They are motivated by European brewing traditions and yet they are inspired by the Pacific Northwest aesthetic and ingredients. They brew small batches. We are happy to introduce you all to their beer including, but not limited to, their IPAs, pale ale, imperial stout, and pilsner!

Stone Brewery

Stone has been experimenting on how certain teas can work with hops. This imperial Soaring Dragon IPA is loaded with delicious white tea. Expect amazing aromas and a palate of raspberry, cinnamon stick, and clover honey. Stone also has the more sessionable cravings covered. We’ve got Stone’s ultra refreshing So-Cal inspired salt and lime lager. Crisp, tart, juicy, and all the character needed to join you on sunny adventures.

Founders Unraveled IPA

Dry hopped with traditional hop pellets along with lupulin powder, an innovative hop product that separates lupulin from the hop flower, comes forward an incredibly flavorful and aromatic IPA. Wheat and oats form a smooth backdrop to carry all those wonderful hop characteristics.

Duck Foot Kook Slams Double IPA

Continuing their collaboration with the crazies at Kookslams, Duck Foot devised another delicious beer, this time with twice the stoke. They hope you’ll enjoy the smooth but strong finish and the killer fruitiness from the enormous piles of hops they shoved into it. Oh, and it’s gluten-removed so more people can enjoy it! 8.6% ABV

Woodland Empire IPA

Woodland has two new IPAs in Alaska this month! The Love is Lies is the newest in their Mixtape series. It’s brewed with floral and mosaic hops and strawberries and lactose. It is silky smooth but not too sweet. The Edge of Rainbows IPA is a hazy pineapple  IPA that is similar to their So Juicy IPA.


Dowsett Family

We are welcoming these scumptious Washington wines with open arms! The Syrah/Mourvedre is spicy, floral, rich, ripe, and dark. Yum! Their dry Gewurztraminer is hard, if not impossible, to beat at the price point! Sweet smelling and yet dry and crisp. Cheers!

Passionate Wines Montesco Cabernet Franc

Passionate Wines is the brain child of Matias Michelini. He makes small production, single vineyard wines that are fermented with native yeasts and inspired by place ad varietal. You will find here some characteristic notes of Cab Franc–namely strawberries and tobacco.

Ver Sacrum Gloria Garnacha

Natural wine is all the rage right now, but Eduardo Soler and Ver Sacrum were doing it before it was cool. Sustainable, native yeast, minimal intervention tenets guide their winemaking. The fruit here is complemented by peppery tannin and rich savory qualities akin to earth and tobacco. VERY LIMITED. Get it while you can!


WildCraft Cider Works

Two new ciders from WildCraft in Oregon! Their Sage Cider is herbal, dry and aromatic, while their Kiwi Sour is tart, slightly sweet and oh so tasty.

Two Season Kazimiera

Unique mead brewed in Anchorage, Alaska’s newest meadery! The Kazimiera is a sweet Lithuanian Style Metheglin. Yum yum.

Ace Pink Guava Cider

There is no sugar added to this delectable unfiltered and refreshing semi-dry cider from Ace! It’s fresh pink guava juice blended with their semi-dry apple cider. Fruit forward–enjoy this taste of Brazil at a crushable 5% ABV!

Alaska Ciderworks Pink Petal Perry

Hailing from Talkeetna, this Perry cider pours a beautiful light pink. A sweet, but not too sweet, easy drinking cider sure to please perry and cider drinkers alike. Made with rose petals and rose hips. 5.3% ABV


Gin Mare Mediterranean Gin

The epitome of the Mediterranean spirit, crammed with local botanicals such as basil from Italy, thyme from Turkey, rosemary from Greece, and Arbequina olives from Spain which imparts a distinctive savory element.

Cook Inlet Spice Rum

Alaska’s only local Rum maker! Three Sheets uses high quality sugar and Alaskan water together to produce a delicious local spirit with notes of marshmallow, burnt sugar, and lively spices. A drink worthy of Cook and his crew.

Empress 1908 Gin

Empress 1908 is hand-crafted using eight carefully selected and esoteric botanicals including Butterfly Blossom; the ingredient that gives it its bold violet color. It was created to capture the spirit of the Empress Hotel in Victoria, from their regal aesthetic, to the flawless presentation of their afternoon royal tea service.

Dulce Vida 80 Proof Tequilas

Dulce Vida believes in the importance of sustainable farming, nutrient-rich composting, recycling, and the general health of our communities. They also believe in delicious tequila, and we’re very pleased to carry their lineup of Blanco, Reposado and Añejo 80 proof tequilas.

Jameson 18yr Limited Reserve Irish Whiskey

Matured for 18 years in hand selected oak casks from Europe and America, this rare whiskey is finished in first-fill bourbon barrels. This rite of passage introduces subtle traces of vanilla to an exceptionally balanced, mellow whiskey with lingering finale of wood, spice, and toffee.


G Joy

This sake is handcrafted using ancient Japanese techniques and American sensibilities. It is bold, rich, and full of exceptional flavors like melon, butterscotch, and enticing black pepper. It’s fruity nose and rich palate give way to a smooth and slightly spicy finish.

Fukucho Moon on the Water Junmai Ginjo

This stunning Junmai Ginjo is made by one of the few female brewmasters in Japan. This incredibly round and luscious saké combines flavors of ripe cantaloupe and anise with floral hints of fennel, white pepper and lime. This could pair with anything from shellfish to bitter chocolate. Simply divine.

Kawatsuru Crane of Paradise

Kawatsuru translates to “river crane” and comes from the sighting of a crane in the river behind the brewery. Crane of Paradise is described as “umakuchi,” a combination between sweet, dry, and unami flavors. Juicy notes of grapefruit and fleshly cut grass, with a hint of salted pineapple.

Bushido The Way of the Warrior Ginjo Genshu

This stylish one cup saké has huge flavors of tart raspberry, pear and watermelon, with subtle floral notes and a spice on the finish. Drinking this undiluted genshu is an important step in discovering your destiny as a saké warrior.