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founders kbs

Founders KBS

Folks have been asking about this beer since Founders began distribution to Alaska nearly a year ago. This bold stout is brewed with chocolate and coffee and aged in oak bourbon barrels. Get some while it lasts!

maui crooked stave

Maui Brewing & Crooked Stave Two Tickets To Paradise

Well if this isn’t just perfect timing for all this sunshine. Two of our favorite breweries teamed up to make this quenchable, tart and delicious tropical Saison, made with hibiscus and lime. If you put the empty can up to your ear you can hear the ocean!

rogue kombucha

Rogue Kulture Clash

At least someone is hearing your pleas, kombucha people. Rogue Brewing took their Imperial Blonde and combined it with Townshend’s Brew Dr. Kombucha Tea. Funky and refreshing.

hub beer

H.U.B. Ferocious and Organic IPA

Never fear, H.U.B. is here! These eye-catching new 12 oz cans are actually returning favorites. The Ferocious is a grapefruit IPA just exploding with tart and juicy flavors of grapefruit rind. Their Organic IPA is just solid fundamentals – a flagship IPA now conveniently canned in 6-packs.

aloha hazy

Ballast Point Aloha Sculpin Hazy IPA

Aloha! Ballast Point calls this beer “paradise in the palm of your hands.” This hazy IPA brewed with Brux Trois yeast is packed with flavors of mango, guava and pineapple. Not so much bitter as it is tropical and juicy. Aloha!


Strange Folks Cans

More wine in a can! We’re happy that winemakers are catching onto the canned wine phenomenon. In Alaska, we like to pack it in and pack it out. Strange Folks Le Commandante is a Rhone-style red blend, and La Boheme is a white blend bursting with lime, gooseberry and peach.

Split Rail Bruce Lees Brut Nature

Enter the Bubbles. “Lees” are leftover yeast particles from fermentation that are often filtered out, but that is not the case with this ass-kicking bottle. This natural brut is full of sediment and flavors of fresh grapefruit and creamy meyer lemon.

Nautilus Marlborough NV Brut

This ridiculously elegant New Zealand favorite has been around since 1989, and is made up of the classic ratio of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay grapes. It is aged on lees for three years and exudes mouth-watering biscuity flavors and fine bubbles that will pair with any special occasion.

Washington Rose

Rosés of Washington

Mr. Pink and Renegade Rosé are a great way to showcase Washington’s amazing wine game. Mr. Pink is a 100% Sangiovese with aromas of cherry and herbs. The palate includes flavors of strawberry and minerals. Renegade is a blend that is a majority Syrah and other varietals to round it out. Bursting with tart strawberries, watermelon, and orange. These rosés will make you cheer for spring!

Underwood The Bubbles and Rosé BubbleBubble cans

Welcome back to the store Underwood cans! In addition to the classic Bubbles is the all new Rosé Bubbles! These cans are great for hiking trips, last minute gifts, bike trips, picnics and on-the-go mimosas. Both are refreshing, easy drinking and drop dead gorgeous.



grimfrost mead

Grimfrost Mead & Dansk Mjod

Say hello to Grimfrost Mead, who are careful to use ingredients exclusively from Sweden to give you a taste of ancient viking Scandinavia. We have bottles of their Lingonberry Suttunger Brew, Sweet Honey Jarl’s Brew, and Bilberry Bear’s Feast Brew. In addition to these, Ribe Mjod from Dansk Mjod has returned! They add unfiltered, unpasteurized apple juice to their classic honey base.

maxwell mead

Maxwell Mead

From Mclaren Vale in Australia comes this wonderful line of mead. Liqueur Mead begins with their spiced mead and is blended with special herbs and spices before being fortified and aged for 12-15 months in bourbon barrels. The sparkling mead is easy drinking with a touch of sweetness and acidity. The honey mead uses pure South Australian that has a golden color with floral and marmalade sweetness.


Sea Cider Farm & Ciderhouse

This cider company is based out of Saanich Peninsula, Vancouver Island. They take pride in using the best local and organic ingredients to produce their ciders. Some of the ciders like the Bramble bubbly have blackberries infused in the base, while the heirloom series showcases the natural beauty of the apples.

wildcraft newWildCraft Cider Works

We are honored to now be carrying these handcrafted ciders out of Eugene, Oregon. These artisan cider makers are interested in doing things the right way, not the big way. We are only the third state to carry their products, along with Oregon and California. Their dry ciders are made using whole fruit and botanicals grown in Oregon, and they are unpasteurized and bottle conditioned for a taste of wild Oregon. Try their aronia sour cider today!


arctic vodka

Arctic Harvest Frozen Farmer Vodka

Arctic Harvest is a relatively young distillery based out of North Pole, Alaska. They grow, malt and distill their products with grain grown right here in the 49th state, and we just got in their bottle of the beautifully clean and crisp Frozen Farmer Vodka.

kavalan whiskey

Kavalan Sherry Oak 

This Sherry Oak uses the same casks reserved for the barrel strength Solist releases, but it is diluted to 46% using Kavalan spring water. This stunning package holds a whiskey that is sweet and oily with generous notes of pepper and dark fruits.

glenlivet nadurra

Glenlivet Nadurra 16yr Scotch Whisky

The consistent quality of this Speyside distillery has turned it into the best selling single malt whiskey in the United States. This delightful Glenlivet Nadurra 16 Year Scotch combines a spicy sweet nose with a silky smooth palate of honey, ginger and hazelnuts.

edinburgh gin mikkeller

Edinburgh and Mikkeller Gin

Edinburgh Gin is a Scottish gin that captures the essence of Edinburgh. Fresh herbs, botanicals, and citrus make this gin delightfully complex. Edinburgh Seaside gin pays respect to the maritime botanicals like seaweed, scurvy grass, and ground ivy. Mikkeller Spirits is well balanced with a rich scent of juniper berries meeting up with lemongrass and some angelica root.

don q new

Don Q Single Barrel 2007 & Don Q Vermouth Cask Finish Rum

Don Q rum traces its roots to a sugar cane plantation in Puerto Rico in the 1820s. The Don Q Vermouth Cask is a special rum that uses a blend of rums aged 5-8 years in American white oak casks before finishing in Italian sweet vermouth casks. The Single Barrel is a limited edition rum with notes of oak tannins, cinnamon and dried apples.



Fukucho Moon on the Water Junmai Ginjo

This stunning Junmai Ginjo is made by one of the few female brewmasters in Japan. This incredibly round and luscious saké combines flavors of ripe cantaloupe and anise with floral hints of fennel, white pepper and lime. This could pair with anything from shellfish to bitter chocolate. Simply divine.

Yamada Shoten “Everlasting Roots” Junmai

The high polishing rate of this traditional and handcrafted saké give it a defined fruit and floral expression while simultaneously offering rich umami flavors from the hida-homare rice. This richness and complexity make it ideal for drinking either warm or chilled. The gorgeous label is just a bonus.

Bushido The Way of the Warrior Ginjo Genshu

This stylish one cup saké has huge flavors of tart raspberry, pear and watermelon, with subtle floral notes and a spice on the finish. Drinking this undiluted genshu is an important step in discovering your destiny as a saké warrior.