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Dogfish Head Costumes and Karaoke

This is a Golden Tea inspired Oat-Cream Ale. It’s as unique as your Thursday night Karaoke performance! This imperial Cream Ale is brewed with the Indian “Golden Milk” in mind. The blend isequitably sourced and the spices are of single-origin. The spices include vanilla beans, ginger, tumeric, star anise, cardamom, and cinnamon. Sweet, spice and everything nice!

Stone Wizards and Gargoyles Hazy Coffee IPA

An achievement of collaborative awesomeness between two San Diego craft beer trailblazers. Centennial, Cashmere, Citra, and Azacca hops are joined by two in-development hops, yielding juicy notes of tropical citrus that play beautifully with the robust flavors and aromas of the coffee, supplied by, of course, Modern Times’ caffeination masters. The result is a beer as wonderfully unique as its creators.

Pohjala Oo Imperial Baltic Porter

Oo translates to night. This Estonian Imperial Baltic Porter is “as dark as the Estonian winter nights.” Big and rich, sweet notes of caramelized toffee are balanced by espresso-like acidity. As it warms up, dark chocolate emerges, likewise red currant, and light alcohol warmth.

Hofbrau Oktoberfestbier

A rich, full-bodied beer which goes down ideally with traditional Bavarian cuisine Ya know Spatzle and the like. With its deliciously bitter taste and alcoholic content of 6.3% volume, Hofbrau Oktoberfestbier is as special as the Beer Festival itself.

Denali Brewing Gose

A lightly hopped Kettle Sour. Denali uses Alaska Salt Company’s “Spit Salt,” Kachemak Bay oysters and coriander. These combine to form Captain Planet! Err, wrong show. They combine to create an easy drinking sour with a tart citrus aroma.


Illahe Vineyards Tempranillo Rose

Offers fresh aromas of Mt. Hood strawberries, lime zest, green mangos and rhubarb. This barrel fermented rosé gives a lean body with notes of meyer lemon, kumquat, dragonfruit, and gooseberry. The rosé is a perfect food wine, complementing diverse dishes and cleansing the palate with a clean, mineral finish.

Koltz The Pagan

This Australian wine will pair lovely with your beef, lamb, game, or even poultry. Notes of black currants, oak, vanilla, and smoky earthiness will entice you along. The wow factor in this well balanced wine come from the rack-drying of the grapes in the classic Italian Appassimento style. This wine is in the top 5% from the McLaren Vale. You can drink this wine young but if you do, let it breathe first!

Disruption Wines

New from Washington, these easily affordable wines are sure to impress. Experience the fervor of classic French style blends grown in the Columbia Valley with the red blend. The chardonnay is so good and balanced because they source their chardonnay grapes from two very climate different vineyards in Washington, the Sundance Vineyard and the Evergreen Vineyard. 25% of the Evergreen chardonnay grapes get a rest in French Oak. Their Cabernet is also complimented with a little time in new French Oak but expect to be romanced by it’s robust, earthy, and plum flavors.


WildCraft Cider Works The Dandy Lion

If you are wearing socks, be warned, this might blow them right off! This edition is fermented in Grenache
barrels with peaches and dandelion wine. They source wild or biodynamically grown fruits and use wild fermentation to produce ciders that are similar to traditional cider styles or even a sour beer. This will be a dry, funkier cider for sure.

Maxwell Sparkling Canned Mead is Back!

With low alcohol and a delicate bead and flavored with subtle hints of ginger, this mead is at home on a hike or around the barbeque.  It comes all the way from Australia so drink up while you can!

Ace Pumpkin Cider

Originally debuting in 2010, this delicious taste of fall will leave you wanting more. This cider has plenty of pumpkin and plenty of spice. It tastes just like pumpkin pie! If you’re feeling a little more creative, this will also make a great snakebite if paired with a heavy lager!

Locust Peach Ginger Cider

Hailing from Washington this cidery will certainly impress. Their local apples are combined with peach and ginger to create an easy drinking semi-sweet cider.


Magellan Gin

Blue French gin?! We don’t need fancy colors to tell us if a gin is good. Blue or not, this is a solid gin. Named after the 16th c. explorer, this gin uses botanics from around the world. His ship famously returned with clove and thus this gin features a healthy dose of clove along side the blue color giving iris flowers.

Cook Inlet Spice Rum

Alaska’s only local Rum maker! Three Sheets uses high quality sugar and Alaskan water together to produce a delicious local spirit with notes of marshmallow, burnt sugar, and lively spices. A drink worthy of Cook and his crew.

Empress 1908 Gin

Empress 1908 is hand-crafted using eight carefully selected and esoteric botanicals including Butterfly Blossom; the ingredient that gives it its bold violet color. It was created to capture the spirit of the Empress Hotel in Victoria, from their regal aesthetic, to the flawless presentation of their afternoon royal tea service.

Dulce Vida 80 Proof Tequilas

Dulce Vida believes in the importance of sustainable farming, nutrient-rich composting, recycling, and the general health of our communities. They also believe in delicious tequila, and we’re very pleased to carry their lineup of Blanco, Reposado and Añejo 80 proof tequilas.

Jameson 18yr Limited Reserve Irish Whiskey

Matured for 18 years in hand selected oak casks from Europe and America, this rare whiskey is finished in first-fill bourbon barrels. This rite of passage introduces subtle traces of vanilla to an exceptionally balanced, mellow whiskey with lingering finale of wood, spice, and toffee.


G Joy

This sake is handcrafted using ancient Japanese techniques and American sensibilities. It is bold, rich, and full of exceptional flavors like melon, butterscotch, and enticing black pepper. It’s fruity nose and rich palate give way to a smooth and slightly spicy finish.

Kiuchi Taru Sake

A small cask of delicious sake?! Yes, please! Kiuchi Brewery was established in 1823 with the leftover rice that was collected from the local farmers as their land tax. They were known over the following decades  for the purity of their sake and refused to compromise, even in the years following WWII. Their high quality sake in fun packaging is certainly one to be experienced by lovers of sake and history alike.

Kawatsuru Crane of Paradise

Kawatsuru translates to “river crane” and comes from the sighting of a crane in the river behind the brewery. Crane of Paradise is described as “umakuchi,” a combination between sweet, dry, and unami flavors. Juicy notes of grapefruit and fleshly cut grass, with a hint of salted pineapple.

Bushido The Way of the Warrior Ginjo Genshu

This stylish one cup saké has huge flavors of tart raspberry, pear and watermelon, with subtle floral notes and a spice on the finish. Drinking this undiluted genshu is an important step in discovering your destiny as a saké warrior.