Devils Club Convict Soiree

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Size: 500 ML

ABV: 6%


Origin: Juneau, Alaska

Tasting Notes: Sour and complex

Suggested Pairings: Hot Wings or With anything you smother in hot sauce

This is their longest project to date. Its origin begins with a blend of yeast and bacteria from back when they were brewing in Jake's brother's garage! Called the blend Convict, because it’s bad to the bone. The beer's deep, sour complexity took more than a year and a half to develop, all the while soaking up the flavors of our American white oak foeder in the Taproom. Corked and bottle conditioned it back in November and are finally ready to share it with you!

Malts: Pilsner, malted wheat, munich, crystal, honey malt

Hops: Hallertau mittlefruh

Yeastie Boys: Convict yeast

Devil's Club is the embodiment of adventure. You won't find the plant along the streets of town. Devil's Club is unapologetic, blunt - it takes no prisoners and adds a little kick to your outdoor exploits. This company represents the adventurous among us, the off-the-beaten-path lifestyles, and the unique people that inhabit our little part of the world.

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