La Bodega: What it’s all about

La Bodega opened its doors to Anchorage residents in September 2006. In ten years, it has built a solid reputation as being the premier libations shop in town.

In April 2012, La Bodega relocated to the Metro Mall!

Offering craft beer & wine from all over the globe, specialty spirits, plus dedicated sections of cider, mead and sake, La Bodega has something to please every palate.

  • Mix and Match a 6 pack of Beer
  • 16-tap Growler Bar kept to the highest standards of cleanliness and quality
  • 10% off a purchase of six bottles of Wine
  • Friendly, helpful, exceptional staff


Pamela Hatzis

Owner & everything else. Pamela is happiest when enjoying a Flemish Red Ale after a big day of helping her Bodega customers decide on the perfect libation for their occasion.

Brian Pautzke

Part-time Growler Bar-back, Brian is an IPA guy with a love for belgians, preferably, IPA's. In addition to his interest in Anchorage's ale & lager culture, Brian is a teacher for the ASD, a life-long mountain runner and a Downton Abbey enthusiast.

Chris Fassett

Chris comes to us from the South end of Anchorage, and consequently, residents of that area are now trekking all the way to midtown for Chris' informed advice on all things beer & wine. He has years of experience in the industry, a refined palate and he's been known to break into dance when exciting new products arrive.

Nikole Moore

A drifter in the best sense, Nikole is from Detroit originally and joined the Bodega after her first summer in Alaska. Straightforward and sweet, she’s into prosecco, high-end chardonnay and cask-conditioned beers.

Deirdre Bonfield

Old Blue Eyes. Deirdre has been helping keep the Bodega tidy and upbeat since 2008, always with good music and a smile to go with her super product knowledge.

Rebecca Bard

"Wounded Knee", Rebecca has years of experience in all aspects of fine dining, including waiting tables and managing the wine and beer menus. Rebecca lives in McCarthy, AK in the summer and in the winter, La Bodega is lucky to have her on hand to assist you in your purchasing, whether it's just for a casual dinner, a formal evening or a rousing party, McCarthy-style.

Will Davis

Will is our resident cheese expert, so if you need a tasty beer or wine to pair with an extravagant cheese, he's the man to talk to. If you pull up to the store in any sort of German-made car, Will undoubtedly will strike up a conversation about your logically efficient vehicle. With a warm smile and an incisive curiosity, Will flows through life with grace and charisma unknown to most mortals. He also loves high fives.

John Norris

John worked for a number of years as a journalist, but then decided to chase down a career as a filmmaker. That means he spends a lot of time watching Netflix and reading about cameras. Working at La Bodega helps John afford his lavish lifestyle. Other essential things to know about John: He eats at the same four restaurants over and over again. He thinks spicy foods have killed his taste buds. Consequently, he enjoys beers and wines with a strong, distinctive taste.

Reco Baham

Humorous, honest and pretty darn fabulous, Reco will improve your day with his assistance at the Bodega. He loves South African reds and well-made flavored beers like Boulevard's Coffee Ale. He's also been known to nail wine varietals in blind tastings...

Alan Macdonald

Originally hailing from Palmer, AK, Alan is an outdoorsman who is proud of his Scottish heritage. He has been known to wear what he refers to as a "sports kilt," and is often seen with his trusty hunting knife on his hip. Alan is a connoisseur of rich imperial stouts and a lover of fine scotch, as his red beard would indicate.


Can you order me a product that I can’t find anywhere in town?

La Bodega, by state law, must order alcohol products through a state licensed distributor. If the product you are searching for is not represented by a distributor in Alaska, then we are unable to order it for you.

When it comes to craft beer, we order everything available to us. If it’s liquor, wine, etc. we can look into it.

Another option is to find it online and have it shipped to your home. has a terrific “Trading” forum, so for instance, you can trade someone a little Midnight Sun for some Pliney the Elder.

How do I legally serve alcohol at my upcoming public event?

Every event is very different depending on the players and the venue.

The two most common forms are the Catering Single Event Permit and the Non-Profit Special Event Permit.

You can find those at the following link.

It is always recommended that you give the Alcohol Control Board a call.